Zenfolio | Sven Körber Photography | Urban Silhouettes (2013)

14 photos
This photo exhibition was held in June 2013 in Munich. It combines groups of photos from Munich and Foshan, China, showing silhouetted people from a distance.

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Sven Körber in front of the Welser.RaumYöyaz / Urban SilhouettesYöyaz (2012)Urban Silhouettes (2011)Triptych, Foshan / DisappearingTriptych, Foshan (2012)Disappearing (2012)Into the Light (2012)120db (2012)Vernissage guests outside the Welser.RaumVernissage guests outside the Welser.Raum cont.Sven Körber in the exhibitionSven Körber in the exhibition, cont.Sven Körber in the exhibition, cont.